Choosing Mastodon


  • Most well-known name and interface within the Fediverse.
  • Mature code-base with well-tested and stable updates.


  • Slow to adopt new features found in other Fediverse software.
  • Requires a lot of resources.


Our recommendation is that you choose Mastodon when:

  • You're migrating your data from another Mastodon instance.
  • You're very familiar with the Mastodon web interface and/or apps.

Otherwise, you may wish to consider Soapbox or Misskey which offer you more features while using less resources.


Demo Server

We have a test server that we use to try new Mastodon versions before updating our customer's servers. You're welcome to take a look.

Supporting Mastodon

12VPX provides hosting services only. We encourage you to support the development of Mastodon through the author's Patreon.