About Us

Wanwire™ is the dynamic face of Internet security and convenience, a proud trademark of Wanwire LLC. Incorporated in 2023 in the USA, Wanwire LLC represents the latest chapter in a story of innovation and customer commitment that began in 2009.

Our journey started with Anuson Limited, which first introduced Wanwire to the world. In 2013, the brand was nurtured and expanded under Wanwire B.V., paving the way for today's global reach through Wanwire LLC.

At Wanwire, our goal is straightforward: to provide robust and reliable digital infrastructure solutions. We specialize in offering secure connectivity solutions and web hosting services, tailored especially for community servers and those seeking a more private digital experience. Our commitment is to deliver services that not only protect your online activities but also ensure optimal performance and uptime for your websites and online communities.

In today's digitally driven world, we understand the importance of staying connected without compromising security or efficiency. That's why we're dedicated to continuously improving and adapting our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Whether you're looking to safeguard your online presence or host a vibrant online community, Wanwire is here to support you with the right tools and expertise for a seamless online journey.


We proudly use PHP, Laravel, TailwindCSS, MariaDB, Redis, NGINX and other open source technologies to power our website.

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