Privacy Policy for 12VPX for Chrome extension

This policy applies to our 12VPX Chrome extension. For other products, please visit our regular privacy policy.

What information is handled?

When you login the 12VPX Chrome extension your username and password are transmitted to our API server.

When you connect the 12VPX Chrome extension to one of our VPN servers some or all of your browser traffic flows through that VPN server.

How do we use the information?

The username and password are used to authenticate the 12VPX Chrome extension. Our API server returns security tokens that the extension uses to access our API and VPN servers.

These tokens are linked to your 12VPX account. This allows the API server to send you the server list and configuration details relevant to your account.

The VPN servers forward your browser traffic to the Internet. Your browser traffic is not stored, logged, or used in any other way.

What information do we share?

Information handled by the 12VPX Chrome extension is not shared with 3rd-parties.


All information is transmitted using secure HTTPS connections. The cipher suites used are determined by the Chrome browser.